Supreme Deer Pellet

A Protein and Mineral Supplement for Deer of all ages.

Pheasant Flight Developer AMP

A complete feed for pheasants 8 weeks and older for release or to be held for breeding.

Pheasant Starter AMP

Complete feed for starting pheasant chicks.

Pheasant Grower AMP

Offer continuously as the sole feed as pheasants grow. Consult nutritionist with any questions. For the prevention of coccidiosis in growing pheasants caused by Eimeria ColchiĀ­ci, Eimeria Duodenalis and Eimeria Phasiani.

Pheasant Maintenance AMP

Complete feed for Mature pheasants. (Available with Amprolium)


Laymaker 18

A complete feed for laying hens.

Meat Maker Starter AMP

A starter feed for broiler and chicks that prevents coccidiosis.

Meat Maker Finisher 20 AMP

A finishing feed for broilers that prevents coccidiosis.